May 16/Sept 12, 2015 — a worldwide day of giving and recycling. Times are tough, but here’s an idea to help ALL of us.

On Saturday, May 14 and September 10, 2016, give your stuff away.

Seriously. Just look around where you live and work. Whatever you don’t want – just give it away by bringing it to your curb.

This simple act will help others. It will reduce clutter and shrink landfills. It will lower municipal hauling costs. It will reduce waste and promote giving. It will probably boost the economy a bit.

Talk about win-win. This event is a win-win-win-win-win-win-win. Count them – helping others, reducing clutter, shrinking landfills, lowering costs, reducing waste, promoting giving and boosting the economy. Come to think of it, it’s also going to be a lot of fun.

We like to talk about recycling, but here is a fast and fun way to actually do recycling.

Want to participate? Tell your friends and ask your local leaders and media to embrace the idea. Join thousands of others on Facebook and like us. Post it on your page, so your friends and family can participate. Find us on and sign our petition. Call me if you have ideas.

Mike Morone
(585) 749-5107


• Obey local ordinances
• Place ONLY the allowed items on your curb
• Do NOT put out trash or recyclables on Give Your Stuff Away Day
• Do NOT donate recalled products – visit for details
• Do not put dangerous or illegal items on your curb
• Be careful driving those weekends
• Be prepared to retrieve what’s left over

Frequently asked questions

What about the mess?
Yes, it’s going to be messy for a little while. Christmas and the Super Bowl are messy too – but they’re worth it, and so is Give Your Stuff Away Day.

What about the items left over?
Whatever’s left over after several days of curb-sitting will truly be junk and worthy of a landfill, not someone’s home. So it will take some short-term resources to haul these items away. But in the long run, millions or billions of items will be kept OUT of landfills – saving money.

Why not just give items to goodwill stores or use or other outlets?
We should do this, but most of us don’t. But Give Your Stuff Away Day makes it super-easy to do give.

What’s the big idea?
It’s about scale and timing. I could ask my neighbor for a candy bar. He might even give me one. But on Halloween, I could get 100 candy bars. Some of us drive around looking for treasures on trash day. Sometimes we get stuff and sometimes not. But on Give Your Stuff Away Day, we could get lots of great stuff!

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